stack of booksWhat We Do

The Palm Harbor Library has over 125 volunteers who donate at least 4 hours per week each.  We have volunteers from 14 years of age and up.  If you are interested in volunteering at the library, please contact Pam Brachmann at 784-3332 x3005.


Volunteer Opportunities for Adults

  • Checking materials in and out.
  • Shelving books, movies, tapes, CD Music, CD books, etc.
  • Covering books and bar coding items that will be added to the collection.
  • Shelf readers to insure our collections are in the correct location.
  • Bookstore cashiers.
  • Sorting, pricing and stocking the items that have been donated for resale in our bookstore.
  • Hospitality
  • Custodial Duties
  • Outreach programs
  • Literacy – Helping adults learn English as a Second Language.  (We will provide both training and resources)

Volunteer Opportunities for Teens

  • Youth Advisory Board (YAB)
    • Contribute to Advisory Board discussions
    • 1 hour meeting/1 hour of credit
    • Fulfills requirements for Bright Futures, National Honor Society, etc.
  • Assist with Youth programs
  • Shelving in all areas
  • Fulfills court ordered community service requirements (After review with volunteer coordinator)
  • Outreach